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Hello to All

Lingyuan Ye
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Hello everyone! I'm Lingyuan Ye, currently an undergraduate student in Tsinghua University, China, majoring in mathematics and physics, also holding a minor degree in philosophy focusing on logic. This year I am also an exchange student at Oxford studying mathematics & philosophy.

I have a very broad interest in mathematics, logic, physics, philosophy, etc. But in a word, I'm always trying to find more conceptual ways we can think about these subjects, resulting in deepening our understanding.

I first come across topos in Prof. Caramello and Prof. Joyal's talks on categorical logic and topos in the conference Topos à I'IHÉS, which I immediately fell in love with this subject! After that, I've been following Sheaves in Geometry and Logic and some other references by myself. I'm still relatively new to this subject, and I am looking forward to studying from all of you here in this forum.

Morgan Rogers
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Hi Lingyuan! It's always nice to hear from a new student of topos theory.