Domoschool 2022

Next week I will be in Domodossola giving a research course on topos theory for the 2022 edition of the International Alpine School of Mathematics and Physics.

The title of my course is Grothendieck toposes, invariants and ‘bridges’. The course will be an introduction to the theory of Grothendieck toposes, with a specific emphasis on the invariants that one can define on them. The point of view that we shall take is the one provided by the theory of toposes as ‘bridges’, which we shall present and illustrate through a selection of notable examples. We shall also discuss the application of these techniques to the investigation and discovery of dualities, equivalences and correspondences in mathematics and beyond.

Grothendieck conference

From tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th of May, until Saturday the 28th of May, there will be, physically at Chapman University and virtually on Zoom, a conference celebrating Grothendieck’s work.

The programme, which is available from the conference website, is very rich and consists of several contributions highlighting the relevance of Grothendieck’s ideas across many different fields of knowledge.

I will give my own talk, entitled “On the ‘unifying notion’ of topos“, on Friday 27th at 10 am PST (7pm CEST).

The Zoom link to the conference is
Meeting ID: 968 3948 3231

Looking forward to seeing many of you attending the conference!

Working group on proofs and Grothendieck topologies

A working group of about 20 researchers has formed to investigate computational aspects of the methodology ‘toposes as bridges’, with particular reference to the proof-theoretic equivalences established in Chapters 3 and 8 of my book Theories, Sites, Toposes: Relating and studying mathematical theories through topos-theoretic ‘bridges’ and described in these slides.

Bridge between Grothendieck topologies and quotients

The organizer is Laurent Lafforgue, and the meetings will take place at the Huawei Lagrange Center for Mathematics and Computation in Paris, starting from the first one, which has happened today.

A final goal is to implement these techniques on a computer, to automatically generate mathematical results by exploiting the capacity of ‘bridges’ to significantly transform the level of complexity of notions and results. Back in 2010, when I first evoked this possibility in the paper The unification of Mathematics via Topos Theory, that idea was regarded with a lot of skepticism, as something almost too good to be true. Now, the time is ripe to start making that dream into reality.

Welcome to “Toposes online”!

The school and conference “Toposes online” is about to start!

Thanks again to all our speakers for accepting our invitation or sending us a talk proposal. This has made it possible for us to set up a very rich and varied programme.

We are very happy to have attracted so many people (533 registered participants) to this event, coming from different areas of mathematics, physics, computer science, philosophy and engineering, and also from industry. This illustrates the wide-ranging impact of toposes, and the increasing interest in the subject, across different fields of knowledge.

We hope that this event will further stimulate interdisciplinary research inspired by topos-theoretic ideas, and its applications in different fields. The participants in the conference, as well as any other person interested in toposes, are warmly encouraged to join our community and exchange with each other through the Forum.

Many thanks to IHES and the University of Insubria for their support in organizing this event; the videos of all the talks and course lectures of “Toposes online” will be made available on the YouTube channel of IHES.

We look forward to seeing many of you online and on the forum!

Toposes online

We are pleased to announce the third (online) edition of the main international conference on topos theory, following the previous ones “Topos à l’IHES” and “Toposes in Como” :

For further information and registration, please visit the event website. We look forward to seeing many of you there!